Apple Inc.’s Apple TV to Get Twitter Inc with NFL Streaming

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Twitter fought off other high profile rivals for the NFL deal and now Apple TV could get the live streaming experience

Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Apple TV could soon get live National Football League (NFL) streaming via the official Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) app, according to a report published by New York Times.

Millions of Apple TV users could now watch the live streaming of NFL games via the official Twitter app which is reported to be coming to the platform, as Twitter seeks to broaden its appeal through live streaming of events including sports. Twitter signed its NFL live streaming deal last March when it saw off major rivals and other social networks including Facebook, agreeing to pay $10 million for 10 live games.

Emphasis was placed upon Thursday Night Football games in the deal by Twitter, which reportedly drew around 13 million live viewers. That deal has been followed by other agreements for live streaming with major players like CBS News, NBA, Major League Baseball, and the NHL. Moreover, deals with the Major League Soccer and the PGA are also reportedly in the pipeline, as it seems Twitter is banking on live events to drive their survival – and hopefully the revival – of the social network.

Providing the live streams of major sporting events like these is, without a doubt, a move that could define the company’s future. Tapping into the huge audience that Apple TV boasts could also prove instrumental in Twitter’s battle to keep up with the high tide against it. More people would be drawn to Twitter for the live sporting events, and Twitter would be able to sell lucrative ads embedded in the streams. From where we stand, it is a win-win for all.

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