Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 Upgrade Deemed Unauthorized in $10,000 Case

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Microsoft’s race to rack up 1 billion Windows 10 devices before 2018 has landed the company in hot water

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has been handed defeat in a $10,000 lawsuit filed by the owner of a travel agency in Sausalito, California, when she claimed that Windows 7 on her business computer had upgraded to Windows 10 without her authorization or any prior notice.

Teri Goldstein filed a complaint that a forced Windows 10 update on her computer at the travel agency in August 2015, caused her company to bear losses of around $17,000 as the computer only “limped along” in the peak booking season of holidays when the demand is through the roof. Miss. Goldstein stated that the forced update caused her company to fall behind because the files and customer information remained inaccessible, and that customer service from Microsoft was unable to lend her a hand in those issues when she contacted them.

The kind of importance that Microsoft gave to this issues is reflected in the fact that they didn’t even hire a lawyer to represent the company in the small claims court; an employee of a retail store stood in Microsoft’s corner instead.

This is not even the first time that users have complained about Microsoft forcefully updating their computers with Windows 10, as several social media sites have been awash with stories of unauthorized upgrades, and at times, they have led to disabled functionalities and bricked devices even. The sheer deception and frustration that some users have faced in the issue is reflected in Industry expert Paul Thurrott’s experience, who said that clicking on the red X button, usually a close button for popup, resulted in his apparent consent to the upgrade on his computer.

Microsoft’s tactics – while dirty at times – have resulted in Windows 10 being the most swiftly adapted operating system ever from Microsoft. Over 300 million users are now running the “recommended update” Windows 10, and more continue to move to the latest OS as they see the merits in doing so. Forcing users to make the move towards Windows 10 doesn’t bode well at all, and lawsuits like the one filed by Miss Goldstein, while don’t set the company back a long way when it comes to finances, have a major negative impact when it comes to customer services and public relations.

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