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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Holds ‘Delivery Ceremony’ Event For Model X In China

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Tesla hosts an event in which it delivers first six Model X SUVs to the reservation holders in China

Last week, The Country Caller reported that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) held Model X launch event in Beijing, inviting 400 guests while making China the first Asian market to receive the vehicle. However, deliveries of the premium SUV for the Chinese reservation holders do not start until yesterday.

Electrek reported Friday that Tesla’s stores and service locations, known as “experience centers” in the Chinese market, are receiving the falcon-wing door vehicles. The electric vehicle (EV) maker hosted a ‘delivery ceremony’ for first six Model X reservation holders in the country at the Beijing Golden Port gallery.

Tesla VP for Asia Pacific, Ren Yuxiang, and Tesla China General Manager, Zhu Xiaotong, were present during the event and personally gave the keys of the Model X to six customers in front of other guests and local media. Mr. Yuxiang stated during the event that the all-electric SUV is the next Tesla car to “accelerate the transition to sustainable energy world.” The automaker’s corporate vision for technologies represent the essence of breakthroughs, bold innovations and the pursuit for Tesla customers to have a luxurious, futuristic auto experience, he added.

Interestingly, five of the first six owners opted for Model X in white color, which is popular in the country as it symbolizes brightness, fulfillment, and purity in the Chinese culture. The company also shed lights on its progress in the world’s largest auto market in the past two years. It has 18 stores and galleries, 7 service centers, 92 Supercharger stations and about 500 Destination Charging locations across China.

In its early days in the region, Tesla faced problem in selling its vehicles partly due to a misconception that it is difficult to charge an EV. Thus, it started ‘Tesla Charging Partners Program’ in the market in April to promote the new Chinese EV charging standard.

According to a Tesla Motors Club (TMC) thread, there were 2,632 Model X reservation holders from China and 738 customers from Hong Kong before the vehicle’s launch last September. All of these pre-orders were production versions of the Model X.

China faces key air pollution issue and in its mission to make the country green, the SUV’s HEPA air filtration system, which includes the Bioweapon Defense Mode, should drive sales for Tesla.

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