Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) AI Creates Captions for Users’ Photos

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At times, the AI does manage to get the captions right, but mostly it fails to do what it was designed to do

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has been doing its very best to get its AI program off the ground. Even though it has made tremendous progress, and has at the same time managed to turn heads, it still hasn’t reached where it was supposed to in terms of progress. Its AI chatbot, Tay failed miserably for Twitter; even though it wasn’t the tech giant’s fault, the company still needs to work on the technology and get rid of the kinks that prevent it from reaching its true potential. This time around, the company tried to experiment with a new AI designed to describe photos.

The AI is referred to as ‘CaptionBot’ and is designed to describe photos uploaded by users. Additionally, it is supposed to do so, using natural human language to represent emotion. As interesting as the tool may seem, it still has its flaws, but it does learn from its mistakes. Basically, the more photos users upload, the better it gets.

CaptionBot, powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services, as reported by DailyDot, is the very same technology that was previously used to power Tay as well, but it has been improved considerably as compared to how it was before.

That being said, taking into account the amount of time and resources Microsoft is investing in AI, it is safe to say the company wishes to be the very first to be able to make some sort of breakthrough in the field. Even though other tech giants like Google are trying to do something similar, Microsoft is by far the only one to have invested so much in a short amount of time.

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