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Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA) Hires Apple Inc (AAPL) OS Security Expert Into IT Security Team

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As security/hacking risk increases, Tesla Motors Inc hires former Apple Inc OS Security expert Aaron Sigel for its new IT Security Team

Since Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) introduced over-the-air (OTA) technology, it has become an attractive target for hackers. Just last month only, a Model S owner and a hacker Jason Hughes spoiled one of the several Elon Musk’s upcoming plans at the automobile company, revealing that the company has been working on a P100D. 

Earlier this week, Electrek reported that the electric vehicle (EV) maker looted another Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) employee, an OS security manager Aaron Sigel as the Product Security Manger in its new IT Security team. Conversely, the team, which is being built, is headed by former Google Inc’s Project Zero’s chief Chris Evans.

According to Mr. Sigel’s LinkedIn profile, he initially joined the world’s most valuable company in 2014 as Product Security Engineer but left after four years to work in his own company. He returned to Apple in 2011 and had been working as OS Security Engineer and Manager in OS Security till March, 2016.

The new employee became part of Tesla’s growing security team, which includes two former security engineers of WhiteHat Security. Some of the IT Security team’s employees are also part of a special force “Red Team,” which challenges the company to enhance its effectiveness

To recruit software and security engineers, Tesla’s officials had been present at some security conventions, such as DEFCON, Las Vegas where two hackers told last year that they were able to hack a Model S and install a Trojan. They aimed to close the electric motor but they required physical access to the premium sedan. Additionally, the company sent an OTA update to its vehicles to resolve the problem before the hackers could tell the public. Nevertheless they were awarded $10,000 by Tesla for Security Researcher.

Apart from the security concerns, the poaching war between Tesla and Apple continues, with the EV maker having scooped several senior Apple engineers. Tesla’s engineering team is growing every month. Last month only, Mr. Musk hired Apple’s alloy expert for Tesla and SpaceX.

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