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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Referral Program 4.0 Kickstarts For Model S/X

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Tesla introduces fourth round of the referral program, allowing owners to win exciting prices on referring Model S or Model X

Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) introduced a referral program during the third quarter, allowing owners to win discounts and rewards by referring friends or family members to buy new Model S sedan. Since then, the program has been refreshed twice in which different rules and rewards were given.

Although there has been no update on the last round of referral program ended in mid-April, the electric vehicle (EV) started the Referral Program 4.0 during the weekend, according to Electrek and Teslarati. The automaker activated referral codes and started providing an offer of $1,000 in credits available via the refreshed referral program with orders of Model S and Model X.

Both of the aforementioned publications shared a referral code each that lead to a Tesla Referral Program page showing the revamped premium sedan and the premium SUV side by side. Below each car is a link to respective Design Studio, where customers can customize their Tesla.

Although there were no initial details about the Referral Program 4.0 from the company, Tesla released full details for the referrers today, according to Electrek. The owners can win various prizes by referring people to buy a Tesla between May 30 and July 15.

“You can use our referral code to get $1,000 in credit toward the purchase of a new Model S or X ordered before July 15, 2016,” Tesla wrote.

Referrer with five qualifying referral will get a set of 21” custom Arachnid wheels in silver, grey, or black, as well as summer performance tires with installation. The “exclusive forged aluminum wheels” provide improved performance and are not offered by the company. 

Owners who will refer at least four people will be able to attend the Gigafactory Grand Opening on July 29 along with a guest. The company will also provide transportation from Reno, NV to the Gigafactory.

Participant to get at least three referrals will win “an exclusive Tesla Owners Jacket.” However, the company did not reveal exactly which jacket or whether it being publicly offered or not.

Owners with at least two referrals will be eligible for a “Tesla Moab Weekender bag” which matches their vehicle interior.

Each referral will provide an additional opportunity to owners to get a Ludicrous P90D Model X via a drawing.

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