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Tesla Motors Inc Changes Nomenclature After Model S3XY

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Tesla considering to change the naming scheme ‘Model’ plus ‘letter’ for its vehicle lineups after Model Y

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk is widely known as being obsessed with naming his vehicle lineup as Model ‘S3XY.’ With the upcoming Model 3, its crossover version Model Y and the existing vehicles Model S and Model X, the executive will eventually fulfill his strange fascination.

However, Electrek reported the automaker might move away from the ‘Model’ plus ‘letter’ naming convention after the Model Y launch and completion of the Model S3XY. Tesla is currently working on an all-electric minibus which was announced in the expansion to major forms of Terrestrial transport in the ‘Master Plan, Part Deux.’

A Twitter used suggested Mr. Musk a name for the minibus ‘Model B’ under the existing naming scene. In response, the Tesla man said that the company should the naming convention after the release of the Model Y. Later, he agreed that ‘B S3SXY’ would also be make sense.

If the company actually changes its naming scheme, then the vehicle lineups after the Model Y, including the minibus and pickup truck, might not be called Model B or Model P, as fans have been suggesting. Additionally, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has been disturbing the name convention for the young EV maker.

Originally, Mr. Musk wanted the Model 3 to be named Model E, which would have made the lineup Model ‘SEXY,’ but the Detroit automaker put an end to the plan. Since 2013, Tesla executives have been calling the upcoming compact sedan as the Model E, which would have completed Model SEX along with Model S and Model X, and then the Model SEXY with the Model Y. Tesla acquired trademark for the Model Y years ago and it has been called the compact SUV sharing the third generation with the Model 3.

During the 2013 Annual Shareholder Meeting, Mr. Musk revealed that “Ford is killing SEX” as it threatened Tesla to drop the name otherwise it will file a lawsuit for using the same name. Ford plans to make its Model E a mass-market electric car that would take on Tesla Model 3.

Given the threat from Ford, Mr. Musk & Co. changed the change of the vehicle to the Model 3, but kept the SEX alive by creatively using “three horizontal lines” to make the 3 which looks like E.

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