Facebook Inc. (FB) Makes a Change in its Branded Content Policy

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Celebrities and publishers can now tag third-party products or services. However, ‘overly promotional’ content has been banned

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) is making a huge change in its branded content policy; according to which, publishers and celebrities can promote third-party goods and services.

A new tagging feature has been introduced, which is more specifically going to appeal to those who having anything to do with marketing. Basically, when a third-party company is addressed in a post, it will be alerted and will also be able to view the post and share it as well. Additionally, the company will also be able to view analytics.

On the other hand, the celebrity or publisher making such a post will get a ‘with’ tag, which is actually no different from when Facebook users tag their friends and family.

Even though this new change will make it easier for Facebook’s audience to identify brands, but a word of caution, as the social media giant, will not in any circumstance allow ‘overly promotional’ content. This includes pre-roll ads for videos and watermarks on images. Moreover, sponsors, brands and products will no longer be allowed to be used as a Profile or Cover photo.

That being said, the change in the branded content policy has already been rolled out. Facebook stated that the same policy will take into effect for its Live Video platform too.

On one end, Facebook may have made it easier for publishers and celebrities to promote products and service, while on the other it has made it equally difficult to go the extra mile for companies to create brand awareness for its products or services. For now, it is difficult to tell whether the move is a good one, but it does come to show that the social media giant is taking ads on its platform more seriously than before.

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