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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Claims Next-Gen Roadster To Be Different, Faster, and Bigger

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Tesla Nordic countries manager, Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, says that the second-generation Roadster will be different, faster, and bigger than the original one

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been working on the next generation Roadster for an estimated launch in 2019. CEO Elon Musk said that the company is reserving the ‘Maximum Plaid’ mode for the new Tesla Roadster, which is an extension to its existing performance mode, ‘Ludicrous.’

Although there has not been much about the Tesla’s first electric vehicle (EV), whose production has been discontinued, an official of the automaker recently disclosed a few additional details regarding the upcoming, revamped sport car.

Electrek reported (via Tesla Manager of Nordic Countries, Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, gave a speech in Gothenburg, Sweden, giving information about the 2019 Tesla Roadster.

Mr. Bardenfleth-Hansen said in a statement: “We would have loved to build more, but if no one other than you would be listening right now, then I’d probably tell you that we will manufacture it again. It will look a little different, a little faster, and a little bigger.”

The company built 2,500 units of the Roadster in from 2008 to 2012 in partnership with Lotus and it was based on the British automaker’s gliders. Thus, it was not actually built from scratch like the Model S and Model X. The upcoming Roadster will likely be manufactured on Tesla’s third-generation platform, similar to the Model 3.

Last year, Tesla introduced the ‘Roadster 3.0 Battery Upgrade’ for $5,000, allowing existing owners to store 40% more energy boost its range by more than 35% compared to the offerings of the original Roadster. The automaker is also working on a retrofit for the sports car. The upgrade was offered to Roadster owners as a token of gratitude for supporting the company in its early days.

BMW plans to roll out an electric sports car, named BMW i8 Roadster, by 2018 which will be taking on Tesla Roadster when it hits the road in the following year.

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